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A modern villa: design games with Pietra di Trani Marble

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The timeless beauty of Pietra di Trani marble meets modern design in this villa located in the Verona region.

We find ourselves in a historic town nestled in the province of Verona, a beautiful village rich in history, where the modernity of this villa enhances the landscape of the plain. The charm of this villa is embellished by exteriors in Trani marble and stone claddings, offering a perfect fusion of tradition and architectural innovation.

A modern villa with contemporary lines, designed with meticulous attention to detail by Architect Giuseppe Pasquato, with whom we collaborated for the stone work.

Marbles used





The telescopes

In this characterful house, the architect had the opportunity to play with cubes, chiaroscuro, and geometric effects, leaving his signature mark with the distinctive “cannocchiali” (binoculars), a hallmark of his projects.

And it is precisely these elements that we want to talk to you about: large cubes with considerable thickness, assembled in the workshop, ensuring stability and inclination for the entire structure.

The combined effect of sunlight and the candid white of the Trani marble creates a sensation of purity and refinement. The modern architecture harmoniously blends with the tradition of Puglia, bestowing upon the villa a unique charm.

modern design Villa marble tick cubes
modern design villa with marble and stone elements
exterior stone coatings of a modern villa

The Trani Marble Claddings

Pietra di Trani marble, also known as white Trani marble or Trani marble, is a natural stone of extraordinary beauty. Originating from the coastal city of Trani, located in the heart of Puglia, this type of marble is renowned for its bright white color and distinctive appearance of delicate and harmonious veining. With its gentle hue, it perfectly complements modern aesthetics, expressing the finest “made in Italy” craftsmanship.

Moreover, Trani marble is highly sought after for exterior applications due to its resistance to freezing temperatures and wear.

Stone claddings are an excellent way to create a more welcoming home, and the customized star-shaped air vents, created with waterjet cutting, add even more character to the exteriors of the villa.

external stone coating
exterior stone coatings of a modern villa
exterior stone coatings of a modern villa
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