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An open air salt water swimming pool in a Venetian villa: harmony between luxury and nature thanks to Orsera Stone

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Venezia, Italia

A very large swimming pool set in a luxuriant park of a Venetian villa in the Verona area. An oasis to relax and enjoy the summer heat or a healthy swim in salt water, to feel like you are at the sea. This is the customer’s request.

Salt water pools are highly appreciated for their countless advantages and are often considered a new concept solution: actually one of the first seawater pools was designed in 1948 by Giò Ponti, a famous designer and artist, and can be admired still today at the Royal Hotel in Sanremo.

Marbles used


Pietra Orsera

Pietra Orsera


Salt water and stone: which winning combination?

Harnessing the therapeutic properties of saltwater means aiding our skin and health, but which stone can withstand saltwater corrosion? The answer lies in Orsera Stone.

Our ancestors teach us through their experience that the solution exists: magnificent monuments, bridges, and palaces in Venice are constructed using Orsera Stone, an ivory-colored stone capable of withstanding constant contact with seawater. You have likely seen it without realizing: examples of monuments made of Orsera Stone include the Bridge of Sighs, the Rialto Bridge, and the Doge’s Palace.

Orsera Stone swimming pool

The Orsera Stone

Orsera Stone has been quarried for over two thousand years on the Istrian Peninsula and was already used during the Roman era. The oldest monument made with this stone, built in the 1st century AD, is the Arena of the city of Pula in Croatia.

Orsera Stone is a compact and low-porosity limestone cliff stone, ivory in color with subtle shades of pale pink and pale gray that gradually turns white over time.

For this project, the use of Orsera Stone was chosen for building the pool steps and edges, especially considering its non-slip surface, which ensures the safety of people walking around the pool, reducing the risk of accidental slips.

Orsera Stone is also highly resistant to weather, chemicals, and abrasions, guaranteeing long-lasting durability.

Furthermore, this material is easily washable and requires minimal maintenance, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the pool for a long time.

Orsera stone shower
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