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Fusion of classic and modern: Sivec White marble stairs and floor

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Vicenza, Italy

A refined villa under the sign of white in the land of Palladio with Sivec White marble.

We are located in the picturesque Berici Hills, in the heart of Vicenza, a land rich in history and artistic inspiration, in a villa where tradition blends with modernity.

Inspired by the magnificence of the surrounding area, linked to the creative genius of Andrea Palladio, we wanted to reflect this legacy by combining classical inspiration with contemporary design to give life to a project that sees the use of fine Sivec White marble for the flooring and stairs of this elegant residence.

Marbles used

Bianco Sivec

Bianco Sivec

Bianco Sivec

Bianco Sivec

Choosing Sivec White marble: timeless elegance

The choice of white as the predominant color was dictated by the desire to create a timeless and extremely elegant design environment. White, with its purity and brightness, has the power to expand spaces, reflect natural light and impart a feeling of lightness and harmony. In this project, white is not just a color, but an essence, an idea that permeates every corner of the villa, creating an atmosphere of refined beauty and quiet serenity.

Sivec White marble is the material we selected for this project. Characterized by a very fine grain and a homogeneous, pure and luminous appearance, it has been used since Roman times for making sculptures and columns in villas and churches. Today, it is mainly used for interior furnishings such as luxury floorings and walls, including rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.

white sivec flooring

White marble stairs design: functionality meets aesthetics

One of the most distinctive features of this project was the approach in making the stairs marble design.

The designer Daniele Carlan’s request was to create steps that would give the feeling of blending with the surrounding environment. Using the 45-degree cutting technique, we were able to create an extraordinary effect of continuity and fluidity between the marble flooring and steps.

This bold design made the modern white marble stairs not only functional, but also a visually striking architectural element, capable of capturing attention and guiding the eye along the way.

sivec white marble stairs and floor

The harmonious fusion of materials

Sivec White marble blends perfectly with other fine materials used in this project such as glass and wood, creating a visual and tactile harmony that further enriches the sensory experience of the environment.

The transparency of glass and the warm texture of wood harmoniously complement the purity and brightness of white marble, creating balanced contrasts and emphasizing the essence of elegance and contemporary design.

sivec white marble, glass and parquet stairs
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