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An attic with warm and natural colors in an italian medieval historical center

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Padova, Italy

We are located in a small medieval town in the Veneto region, in a historic building, and we want to share with you an environment that we have contributed to making unique: an attic where the common thread among the various rooms is the use of a single type of natural stone, Calacatta Vagli Oro.


Marbles used

Calacatta Vagli

Calacatta Vagli

Calacatta Vagli

Calacatta Vagli


It is comfortable to enter an environment rich in natural materials, especially when the ceiling is made with exposed wooden beams, as they used to build in the past, and the spaces are enriched by marble with warm colors.

Obtained from the renovation of a historic building, this attic is a tribute to the use of natural materials and the result is a very welcoming, warm, simple environment but at the same time soaked with a sophisticated atmosphere.

The play of light, the chiaroscuro, the reflection of the marble with the opacity of the wood, the harmonious tones, create an environment full of energy.

attic marble table and kitchen


Valuable material used above all in interior and exterior design projects, Calacatta Vagli Oro is the absolute protagonist of this project and represents a sort of “fil rouge” that crosses the house in the various areas, from the living room to the bathroom, through the kitchen.

This Italian marble, extracted in the Carrara quarries, whose dominant color is white, is embellished with intense golden veins of a rather rare warm tone.

marble living and kitchen


Calacatta Vagli Oro is used generously in the marble kitchen for the base, with stunning open-book, top and back splash. A choice of minimal style but elaborated at the same time which makes the environment ideal for fitting with other light decorations and furnishing elements.

In the living room and in the kitchen, the shades are kept in harmony with each other to give a subtle continuity between the rooms and to enhance the open space. The use of Calacatta Vagli Oro as a top in the furniture, the coffee table and the table create a harmonious connection.

The choice of materials affects how to furnish a living area. An original idea to highlight this space is to create a contrast between the glossy surfaces of the marble and the opaquer ones of the wood.

This contrast gives movement to the environment, highlights the spaces and enhances the most original corners.

calacatta vagli oro kitchen base
calacatta vagli oro kitchen back splash
calacatta vagli oro marble table top


In the bathroom, we find natural stone elements in the bathtub and in the washbasin countertop. Calacatta Vagli Oro blends perfectly with the brass of the accessories and the wooden beams, creating a warm environment.

Natural materials, due to their characteristics, are very resistant and intended to last a long time, which is why it is very important to choose them carefully, especially when it comes to a piece of furniture that is used frequently in daily life.

marble bathtub top
calacatta vagli oro bathtub
calacatti vagli washbasin
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