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The production process is carried out entirely in our workshops. This gives us an important advantage as it allows us to control quality and precision in every work phase and compliance with the required delivery times.
We are committed to all aspects of the production process: from choice of the material in terms of beauty and strength to transformation of the block or slab into the finished product, from packaging and transport to installation and maintenance, to conserve the product in the long term. We have been called the “marble goldsmiths” because for each of us, whatever the production phase, meticulous attention to detail is fundamental.

Blocks and quarries

Everything begins with exploration of the quarry, located in Italy or abroad; we have strong contacts and relationships formed in over half a century, who advise us and reserve the best blocks and slabs for us. Only our expert eyes sensitive to the purity and beauty of the marble are able to perceive every nuance, vein and structure of the block. The muddy dusty blocks are cleaned with water, revealing the color and hardness of the marble. We sense the essence of the stone, evaluate measures for reducing waste and imagine how it will look in its final form. We dedicate numerous resources to selection of the marble, which we are passionate about. It is fundamental for the success of the project because the marble contains everything we need; the subsequent phases simply bring out its intrinsic value.

In our sawmill we cut the blocks into slabs and different thicknesses, according to customer requirements. In our warehouse you can find a wide selection of marble slabs, for example Kanfanar – Giallo Istria, Crema Marfil, Nero Marquina, Nero Portoro, Crema Valencia, Rosa Perlino, Rosso Asiago, Volakas, Azul Bahia, Plano.

italian carrara marble quarry

Processing and machinery

Once we have selected the marble, we can begin working on it. The blocks are sawn and made into slabs for floors and wall coverings or thicknesses for architectural elements like stairs, doorposts, architraves or fireplaces and many other applications. The slab is then cut to size according to the working drawings using high-tech machinery. We offer both classic and more original finishes, inspired by nature or fabrics, using different technologies combined with manual skills.

The machinery: a multiblade frame saw, 2 single blade frame saws, 2 polishers, a manual polisher, 2 five-axis numeric control bridge cutters, a 5-axis dynamic waterjet, a cnc machining center.

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The pieces cut to size begin to take shape and are defined in every detail by the finishing processes; polishing, turning, special cuts and hand crafting can provide a further touch of uniqueness. The finishes can include polishing, sanding, brushing, bush-hammering, flame hardening, acid etching and scoring, not to mention special unique finishes that can be obtained by machine or by hand.

Our craftsmen carry out various processes and finishes through their manual skills, guaranteeing high standards of quality and attention to detail

hand made finishing

Discovering our marble range

A wide choice of marble, stone, onyx, granite and quartzite, in all sorts of different colors and patterns: our gallery will inspire your projects. We can then advise you based on our experience and search for a unique slab created for you by mother nature.

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