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We are involved not only in production, we also offer a range of services that make us a priority choice for architects and clients. A high quality finished product is not enough for us; it is also important to use our many years of experience and knowledge of natural stone to find the most suitable technical and aesthetic solution, via customized services.
From the idea right through to installation.


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Concept, Consulting, and Design

The mood and personality of the environment emerges in the concept which, with our practical advice, becomes a project.

We talk to the client, the architect and the designer to identify interests and basic ideas and with hand-drawn sketches, marble samples, colors and photographs we create a moodboard. A vision of the project that reflects the atmosphere and style.

Our many years of experience in marble working and in-depth knowledge of the material enables us to advise and suggest creative and practical ideas, identify solutions for the particular project in question and transform ideas into a unique well-defined style.

Having identified the key elements of the project, we then look at the detail. This is the beginning of a design journey that culminates in production of the working drawing.

Selecting the material

A tour of the quarries and warehouses, a comprehensive search for exactly the right material.

Having chosen the type of material – natural or synthetic marble, onyx, travertine or stone, semi-precious – the search begins in the best quarries and warehouses. We prefer to select the most suitable material for the specific project rather than offering only what we have available in-house. This means finding the right blocks or slabs in terms of dimensions, color shade, pattern and strength, obviously according to our motto “fast and good”, i.e. rapidly and under the best conditions.

Taking the measurements

We like to go to the site, observe and sense the characteristics of the space where the initial ideas will take shape.

The site visit is always a very important moment when we can engage with the architect and often also with the workforce. This is when we grasp important elements of the architectural structure and when we make the last project adjustments and final revisions.

Taking the measurements is a very delicate phase: even at this very early stage, we imagine how the installation will be carried out and what the final result will look like. Method and attention are required to note the smallest details which will make the difference in the end product.

The working drawing is produced on the basis of the survey.

The surveys are carried out in Italy and abroad.


A real preview of the project showing a detail or the whole product, exactly as imagined by the designer.

Once the marble has been chosen and the working drawings defined, it is time to present the samples and construct the mockup: a preview of the project, from the marble sample right through to the creation of an element.

Production of the working drawing, specifications and bill of quantities

We translate the project into a working drawing, with details of the number and type of pieces necessary for production.

Once the project and all the details have been approved, the working drawing, specifications and bill of quantities are produced. This is the exploded drawing of the project in single pieces: number, type, materials, finishes, all the information necessary for production in our workshop.


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Work process

The entire production cycle, from the marble block through to the design table, is managed in-house, and each product is exclusive and customized.

This is the heart of our company, where all our passion and knowledge come into play.

Each individual component of the work order is personally supervised to guarantee its quality.

 Each stage of the production is carried out at our two premises where the skilled hands of our craftsmen interact with high-tech machinery.

 We know how important punctual delivery is and we therefore organize and plan to ensure maximum compliance with the required delivery times.

Dry pre-laying

Every product is tested in the workshop and checked together with the client in person or online.

The dry pre-laying service allows us to test the marble product and check perfect condition directly in our workshop, before shipment. The client can attend the testing in person, online or via photographic images of every detail.


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Packaging and transport

We leave nothing to chance in our work and we guarantee that the products arrive at their destination as if they had just left our workshop.

In this delicate phase, we use a specialist team, sturdy wooden crates, impact sensors and trusted forwarding agents to deliver our products – even to the other side of the world.

For decades we have been exporting our creations worldwide, ensuring that they arrive in perfect condition.

Installation ad polishing

Optimal installation and polishing are crucial for a successful outcome.

We work with professionals who are expert in installation and polishing of finishes or architectural elements in the luxury segment, who know how to make the most of every site feature and identify the best solutions.

Vertical wall polishing so that the wall is perceived as one single slab is one of the special services we can offer.

Our experience and long-standing relationship of trust with the experts enables us to offer an accurate professional service.

When the client decides to use its own installation personnel, we can offer a works management service.

Technical support

Our collaboration in the project does not stop at delivery: we offer technical support also after installation.

After installation, we can provide information on treatment, maintenance, cleaning and restoration. And if there are other projects to be assessed, you can count on our expertise and efficiency, and be sure of promptly receiving the requested quotes.

  We like to establish relations of trust and partnership with our clients.