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The marble bathroom of a seaside villa inspired by the art of Florence and “Made in Italy”

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We are located in Tuscany, in a seaside villa on the famous Versilia coast.

The client, coming from a foreign country, requested the construction of the holiday villa, inspired by the art of Florence, using Tuscan marbles and all the beauty secrets of Made in Italy.

The main material of this bathroom is Calacatta Caldia: a stone with a warm and delicate background, featuring light veins of gold and silver. A marble synonymous with elegance and Made in Italy, an ideal choice for creating elegant and sophisticated environments. It is also a local choice: the quarries of Calacatta Caldia are located in Tuscany, in the Apuan Alps, from which carefully selected blocks are extracted for the most prestigious projects.

This highly sought-after marble by designers and architects from around the world adapts well to modern and design environments, bringing brightness and warmth to living spaces and relaxation areas. This versatile material lends itself to various applications, including floors, wall coverings, kitchen and bathroom countertops, fireplaces, and decorative elements. Its distinctive beauty creates an immediate visual impact, adding a touch of refinement and prestige to spaces.

Marbles used


Calacatta Caldia

Calacatta Caldia


The marble flooring

For the marble floor, we have employed our skilled artisans who have crafted irregular geometries, outlined by frames in Nero Marquina. The use of Nero Marquina frames around the bathroom floor creates an elegant contrast that enhances the beauty of Calacatta Caldia and adds a touch of refinement and sophisticated design.

marble floor with inlay

The coatings for the marble bathroom

Marble is a perfect material to use as a covering for bathrooms: in addition to its great visual impact, it is timeless and exclusive, created by nature in a unique copy. The open book of this bathroom runs through the walls and even the ceiling; here we have combined the veins of marble to create very elegant natural patterns.

In particular, Calacatta Caldia marble is a natural stone that remains intact over the years. It is known for its strength and durability, making it an ideal choice for a bathroom that requires high-quality materials. Not only will it give your bathroom a luxurious look, but it will also maintain its original beauty over time, ensuring a lasting investment.

open book marble shower

The open book

One of the most striking processes that can also be recognized in this project is the open book. But what is it about? It is a refined and luxurious marble process that makes any environment classy, which is obtained by milling particularly veined marble so that the natural veins of the marble run along the entire surface, creating splendid designs.

After a careful selection, the slabs coming from the same block are first cut, then polished by carefully choosing which part to treat: in fact, to obtain the open book, the slabs are leafed through like the pages of a book and the mirror surfaces are polished.

A good job of creating the open spot is not finished with the cutting of the slab: laying and polishing play a very important role. In this specific project, for example, the coating was vertically polished to give a single slab effect.

In this luxury bathroom, we find the open book pattern on the shower walls and the bathtub, creating a design that gives the space a spa-like atmosphere.

open book marble shower
bathtub marble walls
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