A modern villa: design games with Pietra di Trani marble

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exterior stone coatings of a modern villa

We are located in a historic town in the province of Verona, a beautiful village rich in history, where the modernity of this villa enhances the landscape of the valley.

modern design Villa near Verona with marble and stone elements

A modern villa with contemporary lines, designed with particular attention to detail by the architect Giuseppe Pasquato, with whom we collaborated for the stone part.

In this home of character, the architect was able to play with cubes, chiaroscuro and geometric effects and sign the project with the characteristic “telescopes”, a distinctive feature of his design.

modern design Villa marble tick cubes

These signature elements are large, tick cubes, assembled in a laboratory in order to guarantee  stability and inclination.

The marble used is Trani, highly demanded for exteriors due to its resistance to frost and wear.
A marble with a delicate color, which goes well with the modern style and perfectly represents Made in Italy.

The stone cladding is designed to create a welcoming home and customized star-shaped air intakes, made with waterjet that give even more character.


“We like to collaborate with the architect Giuseppe Pasquato because it is always a new challenge”.
Giuseppe says it is always a pleasure to work with Pistore Marmi because the service and final product are always excellent.

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