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botticino classico marble slab

Italian Botticino Marble: Beauty, Durability, and Versatility

Botticino marble, extracted from the quarries of the homonymous town in the province of Brescia (Italy), is an extremely appreciated natural stone for its aesthetics and adaptability.

Known worldwide since ancient times, in more recent times, Botticino Classico, in combination with Botticino Semiclassico, has been used for the construction of iconic buildings and monuments. Among these, we cannot fail to mention New York’s Grand Central Terminal, the Statue of Liberty (specifically, the statue’s base), and the Altare della Patria in Rome.

Furthermore, Botticino has often been used in artistic contexts. An example of this is that it was one of the favorite marbles of Antonio Canova, who appreciated this stone precisely for its characteristics of malleability and durability at the same time.

In this article, we will explore its characteristics, multiple applications, and its use in our tailor-made projects for both outdoor and indoor environments.

Characteristics of Botticino Marble

What sets Botticino apart from other types of marble, besides its chromatic variety, are its high compactness and low levels of porosity and absorption. Let’s take a closer look at its characteristics.

1. Chromatic Variations

Botticino is available in different shades, but the most well-known is Botticino Classico, with an elegant beige color embellished with subtle veins of light brown and gold.

Other types of Botticino include:

2. Distinctive Veins

What truly makes this marble special are its veins. These can range from thin, golden veins to more pronounced designs, often described as “blossoms.” These veins add charm and originality to the marble.

3. Robustness

Botticino is known for its durability. It resists wear and weathering, making it ideal for flooring and stairs, even in outdoor settings.

4. Botticino Marble Finishes

The most appreciated finishes on Botticino marble are polishing, which enhances its shine, and bush hammering, which gives it a rustic texture. In particular, bush-hammered Botticino, with its rough and irregular surface that provides a natural and warm appearance, is perfect for furnishing both domestic and public spaces with elegance.

Versatile Applications

In indoor environments, Botticino is used for floors, wall coverings, window sills, door thresholds, fireplaces, and furnishings like living room tables. As mentioned earlier, thanks to its remarkable resistance, Botticino is also perfect for outdoor environments, including stairs, cladding, and terrace details.

botticino marble fireplace
Botticino Light hand-carved fireplace

1. Botticino Marble Flooring

Botticino marble flooring adds brightness to any space. Botticino can visually expand the surroundings, while its veins add a touch of elegance. In our projects, we have often used it for Spa flooring: walking barefoot on a Botticino marble floor is indeed very pleasant.

spa botticino marble flooring
Botticino marble inlaid flooring for a home Spa

2. Botticino Marble Staircases

Staircases made of Botticino marble become a remarkable design element. The veins and luster of this marble give them a majestic appearance, perfect for entrances and main spaces. Additionally, this natural stone is particularly suitable for this type of construction. Thanks to its robustness, it withstands foot traffic and impacts excellently.

Botticino Marble Prices and Maintenance

The prices of Botticino marble vary depending on the type and size of the project. The indicative starting price for cut slabs with standardized measurements is around €50/sqm, with higher prices for custom work and more precious varieties like Botticino Fiorito. However, considering the durability and timeless elegance of Botticino marble, it represents a valuable investment.

For cleaning and maintenance, no particular precautions are needed. It is recommended to use neutral products (such as disinfectant degreasers or denatured pink alcohol) dissolved in water. The use of acidic products or abrasive sponges, which can compromise the surface of the marble, is discouraged.

In conclusion, Botticino is the ideal choice for those who seek aesthetics, durability, and versatility in a natural stone, without incurring high costs. Whether it’s for flooring, stairs, design objects (like our passive marble amplifiers), or even artistic projects (like handcrafted fireplaces), this Italian marble represents the beauty of nature and craftsmanship. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the favorites for creating various types of environments worldwide, thanks also to its excellent quality-to-price ratio.

botticino marble passive amplifier
Botticino Passive Amplifier

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