Luxury Italian Marble Fireplace: when design warms the environment

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marble fireplace and tv wall

With the arrival of the winter season, it is the perfect time to transform your space into a cosy retreat and what can provide more warmth and atmosphere than a magnificent italian marble fireplace?

Nothing captures the essence of winter like the soothing warmth of a fireplace.

In the collective imagination, when one thinks of a fireplace, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic brick fireplace, a stereotype that is not matched by modern fireplaces, which, like any other piece of furniture, have been updated in terms of form, materials and functionality, and today represent a viable solution for any type of environment.

Marble is undoubtedly the material that succeeds in bringing the greatest class and elegance to this type of furnishing element.

Discover how we can help you make your environment unique and exclusive by creating a luxury marble fireplace made to measure for you.

The Charm of Fire

Nothing beats the magic of a dancing flame. The crackling of the fire in the fireplace creates a cosy symphony. Light the flame and let the charm of the fire mix with the beauty of marble. The combination of the warmth of the flame and the texture of the marble creates a cosy, relaxing atmosphere, creating an ideal place to gather with friends and family.

Elegance and Design that Warm

Marble is not only a robust material but also a work of art in itself. An italian marble fireplace not only offers physical warmth but also adds a touch of timeless elegance to your environment, becoming the focal point of any room. Having a design fireplace in the home allows you to warm the room by making it cosy and decorate it according to your own style, whether you install sculptural centrepieces or prefer a wall with a modern fireplace and TV.

botticino fireplace

Material and Customisation Without Limits

There are many models of design fireplaces: modern marble fireplace, classic rustic marble fireplace, corner fireplace, luxury marble fireplace, suspended fireplace… the choice is practically endless. You can customise your fireplace to fit the unique style of your home.

The choice of material is very important to create an exclusive, long-lasting and functional piece at the same time. At Pistore Marmi we have made several luxury marble fireplaces using multiple types of natural stones: from the Carrara marble fireplace to the Verona Red marble fireplace. Our favourite choice for making this type of furnishing element remains Botticino Marble, one of the marbles also favoured by Antonio Canova, who appreciated this stone for its characteristics of formability and durability at the same time.

Marble fireplace decoration design

Customisation is another fundamental aspect. In fact, the fireplaces we make can be fully customised to meet the needs of each customer: elegant marble fireplace cladding, inlays, decorations, marble fireplace frames are among the examples of customisable elements that our craftsmen can create for you.

marble fireplace floral decorations

An example of the skill and creativity of our artisan sculptors is the handmade Botticino Light fireplace for one of our customers who required a unique work to enhance the main hall of his villa. The decorations created are a meeting between the customer’s requests and the inspiration of the sculptor who made the designs and moulds by hand. The beauty of these decorations comes from the uniqueness of each flower as they are all different from each other.

There is no better time to create a cosy and warm ambience. Choose your marble fireplace and get ready to pamper yourself with warmth and beauty.

How we can help you

Write to us at to find out how we can help you make your or your customer’s environment unique by creating a beautiful custom-made marble fireplace.

At Pistore Marmi, we specialize in working with marble, natural, and precious stones for custom projects and objects. You can find us in Cologna Veneta, in the province of Verona.