Marble pre-laying, the key to perfect installation

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marble pre-laying procedure

Marble dry pre-laying is a fundamental procedure that ensures a perfect and durable installation of natural stone surfaces.

This practice involves the preliminary placement of marble pieces on the floor or wall, without using adhesives or mortar. The goal is to verify the correct dimensions, vein alignment, and overall appearance of the installation before proceeding with the final step of laying the marble, which takes place in the construction site.

The pre-assembly method allows us to identify any problems or discrepancies before the marble is permanently installed. This includes verifying the alignment of the veining between the different pieces and the perfect joining of book matching, correcting any defects or imperfections, and adjusting the dimensions to perfectly fit the available space. In addition, marble pre-installation gives architects and designers the opportunity to assess the overall appearance of the installation and make any changes or adjustments according to their specific aesthetic requirements.

marble pre laying

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