Crust, an exclusive Travertine finish

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travertine crust finish detail


In this article we talk about one of the marble finishes created thanks to our advanced technology combined with artisan skills: the Crust. In particular, we will show you a project where the Crust finish has been applied to Travertine.

A simple material can take various shapes and textures thanks to the different types of treatment of its surface. It’s precisely these finishes that emphasize the charm of the natural stones, designing for them a tailored suit that improve their aesthetic appearance, making them suitable for different uses

Elegant, classic, contemporary, these are just few variations we can give to marble thanks to the several finish techniques, from the traditional ones, as flamingcoatingsand blasting, to the most particular and precious ones, as jutacortex and crust.

Thanks to these processes, every stone can achieve a more sophisticated and exclusive look, allowing you to reach surprising results.

In particular, the Crust finish is created by a machine combining a primary natural element such as water with mechanical processing, generating a very powerful water jet that winds through the inconsistencies of the material, emphasizing its roughness and irregularity, thus creating a «crust» on the surface.

bedroom travertine boiserie

The Travertine Crust finish

The crust finish has been used for one of the last projects we have worked for. “Crust” has been chosen to enhance the Travertine used to create the bedroom decorative wall of a modern villa in Verona.

The result is a modern and vibrant boiserie that enhances the Travertine natural color. With its chromatic variations, the boiserie perfectly blends with the other furnishing elements, inspired by a mood board that combines dark shades of blue with beige clearer ones.  

The rough and irregular finish taken by the stone thanks to the «crust» finishing gives a solid, rugged and safe characterto the surroundings. At the same time, its chiaroscuro shades instill a deep sense of relaxation, a fundamental feature for this type of space.

travertine boiserie crust finish detail


Every material, every stone can be enhanced with several types of finish but one type of surface processing can not be applied to all kind of materials. In order to achieve an optimal result, some finishes are particularly suitable for a specific type of slab or use. 

We can give endless shapes and textures to marble, granite and other natural stones thanks to finishes, designing for these materials a perfect dress suitable for every use and environment.

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