Calacatta Gold marble, Italian excellence.

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calacatta gold marble slab

Let’s explore the timeless elegance of Calacatta Gold (or Calacatta Oro) marble together, a symbol of Italian marble excellence and a prominent feature in many of our projects for bathroom spaces, flooring, walls, and claddings.

Calacatta Oro marble is a precious marble from Carrara, admired worldwide for its beauty and sophistication. With its distinctive veining and bright white color enriched with golden hues, this Italian marble is one of the top choices for high-end interior design projects.

In this article, we will delve into the characteristics of this stone, its various uses, and its ability to enhance the aesthetics of any space, especially in bathrooms.

calacatta marble quarry

Calacatta Gold, Characteristics

The Calacatta Oro is a white italian marble which originates from the Apuan region and is extracted from the mountains of Carrara, as well as Versilia and Garfagnana, in Italy. This natural stone offers a unique combination of gray, gold, and white veining on a bright white background. The flowing veins and golden effect give it a sense of luxury and elegance, making Calacatta Gold an ideal choice for luxury interiors, creating opulent and luminous spaces. Moreover, it allows balancing cool tones and softening excessively square shapes.

In addition to its remarkable aesthetic features, this white Carrara marble also stands out for its exceptional resistance to abrasion and trampling, ensuring its long-lasting durability. Thanks to its absolute hardness and compactness, Calacatta Oro is ideal for any design work. Furthermore, it lends itself well to various finishes, from polishing to flaming.

Usage of Calacatta Gold in Different Domestic Areas

Calacatta Oro is highly versatile and can be used in various settings within homes and establishments such as hotels and restaurants. Particularly, this exquisite natural stone is greatly appreciated for wall cladding, flooring, kitchen countertops, bathroom spaces, and decorative elements.

Its unique texture and sumptuous appearance make it a perfect material for creating focal points in spaces. Moreover, thanks to its warm white color and subtle golden hues, Calacatta Gold allows for balancing the coolness of other types of materials, such as stone, in a very enveloping manner.

master bathroom flooring in white marble with inlay

Calacatta Oro in Bathroom Design

Among all the spaces where Calacatta Gold contributes to elegance and sophistication, the bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most suitable. Its golden and white veining adds a regal touch and the atmosphere of a true Spa. This marble becomes the protagonist of countertops, wall claddings, and even other functional elements like the sink or the bathtub surface.

The unique texture of this stone imparts a sense of movement and depth to the bathroom elements, transforming this functional room into a luxury oasis.

master bathroom bathtub in calacatta gold

Maintenance of Calacatta Oro

As mentioned earlier, in addition to its extraordinary beauty, Calacatta Oro is also appreciated for its durability and resistance. However, being a porous natural stone, it requires some attention in maintenance. It is important to take care of the marble to protect it from stains and clean it with non-aggressive products to preserve its brilliant appearance over time.

Calacatta Oro Furnishings

With Calacatta Gold marble, you can create marvelous tables, coffee tables, and design objects in marble. In fact, this variant is highly favored by interior designers.

At Pistore Marmi, we have used this magnificent natural stone to create an exclusive collection of sustainable Tableware & Desk Accessories: the Brass Collection. Made entirely from leftover materials from other projects, the Brass Collection consists of trays, placemats, cutting boards, utensil holders, coasters, and place card holders made of Calacatta Oro marble and other types of marble. These items are designed to add more class and elegance to your dining table or office.

brass set with marble cutlery tray 3

Calacatta Gold, Price

While it is not easy to provide an exact price as it can vary greatly depending on the quality and characteristics of the slab, this type of marble generally starts from €400.00 per square meter.

In conclusion, Calacatta Gold marble is a precious treasure in the world of architecture and interior design. If you would like more information about this fantastic white marble or are considering using it for a project in your home or commercial space, please contact us for a consultation or a free, no-obligation quote.

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