Three Creative Ways to incorporate Marble into your Interior Design Projects

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design of brown emperador marble kitchen

Marble has always been synonymous with luxury, elegance, and refinement. It is beloved by Interior Designers for its versatility and uniqueness. Each block of marble is one-of-a-kind, with veins characterized by different colours and shapes.

At Pistore Marmi, we frequently collaborate with designers and architects on how to use natural stones in their interior design projects.

In this article, we want to present three creative ways to integrate marble and natural stones into your projects, inspiring you to fully exploit the potential of this extraordinary material to create spaces that exceed your expectations and your clients’ ones.

marble floor entrance

Marble Floors: A Visually Impactful Choice

Marble floorings are a timeless option for creating an immediate visual impact in any space. The wide range of marble colours and veins allows for customization based on the desired style.

From classic Crema Marfil to contemporary Nero Marquina, to luxurious Calacatta Oro, marble offers endless possibilities, especially when enriched with inlays that create breathtaking compositions. Marble inlays allow for limitless creativity. This technique enables the creation of custom designs by combining different marble shades to form unique patterns, from geometric mosaics to floral designs. An example is the inlaid floor we created, combining Crema Marfil, Nero Marquina, and Giallo Antico in a geometric composition to decorate the living room of a luxurious penthouse in St. Petersburg.

saint petersburh pentohouse marble flooring

But which marble to choose?

Black marbles like Nero Marquina, Port Laurent, or Nero Assoluto are perfect for furnishing spacious modern homes with large windows, abundant natural light, mirrors, light-toned walls and furnishings. The deep shades of black marbles create a strong contrast with light elements in the decor and are ideal for contemporary and bold designs.

A white marble like Carrara or Calacatta Oro will blend beautifully in more contemporary homes, perhaps paired with innovative materials like glass or steel, to make everything very bright, sophisticated, and brilliant.

What about open-book marble floors, an extraordinary option to create unique and expressive spaces? This technique showcases the natural beauty of marble veins and shades, by using their geometry to transform floors into true works of art. An example is the open-book Calacatta Oro floor we created for a villa in Verona (the photo illustrates the pre-installation in our warehouse).

marble flooring with open book

Natural stones for a design Kitchen: Combining Functionality with Style

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and natural stone elements add a touch of elegance to this space, complementing both classic and modern kitchens.

Besides being an aesthetically pleasing choice, using natural stones for kitchen countertops and islands proves to be a practical choice as well. In particular, quartzites and granites are highly resistant to abrasion and acids, have very low permeability, and are very easy to clean. Marbles, despite being more porous, can also be used in this environment when treated with specific products to make them more impermeable. This is the case even when choosing an extremely light stone like Bianco Sivec. This white marble, used in one of our projects for the kitchen of a luxury residence, is renowned for its purity and brightness. Its ability to reflect light creates a luminous atmosphere, and its smooth surface offers a pleasant tactile sensation.

saint petersburh pentohouse marble kitchen

Using marble for the kitchen backsplash creates a vertical element of elegance. Marble walls, besides being easy to clean, also add an artistic dimension to the environment. In one of our projects, we used Calacatta Vagli Oro to create the backsplash in a charming penthouse kitchen. This marble, whose dominant colour is white, is embellished with intense golden veins of a rather rare warm shade.

kitchen marble backsplash

In this project, Calacatta Vagli Oro was also used for the marble dining table, creating a cohesive look with the kitchen. Choosing the material for the dining table is crucial, as it must combine aesthetics with practicality. Therefore, the use of a durable stone like Calacatta, granites, or quartzites that do not absorb liquids is an appropriate choice.

table top in calacatta vagli oro

Marble Bathrooms and Domestic Spas: Luxury Meets Comfort

Marble is an excellent aesthetic choice for spaces like bathrooms and domestic Spas. Selecting the right marble can transform these areas into oasis of comfort, luxury, and well-being.

For a white marble bathroom project in Tuscany, we used Calacatta Caldia to decorate the walls of the bathtub and the shower. This natural stone is known for its strength and durability, making it an ideal choice for an environment that requires high-quality materials. This marble will not only give your bathroom a luxurious appearance but will also maintain its original beauty over time, ensuring a lasting investment.

One of the most striking techniques recognizable in this project is the open book. But what is it about? It’s a refined and luxurious marble process that adds a touch of class to any space. It’s achieved by cutting particularly veined marbles so that the natural veins of the stone run along the entire surface, creating splendid designs. This type of craftsmanship is the perfect choice for anyone opting to create a luxury marble bathroom in their home.

bathtub marble walls

And what about Botticino Light Marble? It’s an exquisite italian marble known for its delicate cream tones and subtle veins, making it the perfect choice for creating a well-being sanctuary like this domestic Spa located within a castle in Germany. Every element of the wellness center was meticulously designed to create a perfect fusion of tranquillity and style, with safety in mind. The Botticino flooring, enriched with Light Emperador inlays, was finished with a leather texture to prevent slipping.

botticino marble spa in Germany

We hope that these three ways of using marble inspire you to experiment with and embrace the art and versatility of this extraordinary material in your projects.

At Pistore Marmi, we invite you to share your ideas with us. We will be delighted to offer our know-how and the quality of Made in Italy to bring your fantastic design projects to life.

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